Workit Spaces is expanding its location on Bourke Road in Alexandria, Sydney

Triple the area with 171 showrooms/office space

Workit Spaces has expanded its Bourke Road location, which has now tripled in size to 171 showrooms/office space, giving customers more scope for expansion.

These unique coworking spaces emerged in 2018 when Emily Townsend and Talea Bader founded them with the intention of offering scalable e-commerce focused spaces in Sydney. Since its inception, it has consistently raised the bar for coworking spaces, offering everything from shared offices to dedicated desks, storage space to showrooms and more for Sydney clients.

But one of the highlights and unique offerings of workrooms is the ecommerce solution that ticked the right boxes for businesses large and small. It was the first e-commerce hub in Sydney designed with the needs of businesses in mind. Since then, for everyone from startups to large corporations, these spaces have ticked the right boxes and given them opportunities to collaborate with other companies.


Interested parties can browse through a wide range of options in different styles and sizes You’ll be pleased to know that Workit has three locations in Alexandria, Sydney – Bourke Road, Mandible Street and Power Avenue. Each location is close to public transportation, making it extremely convenient for clients and their teams to work from.

And now one of those workit spaces has tripled in size, offering a wider range of options tailored to the specific needs of different businesses. The company has expanded its Bourke Road location, creating 171 showrooms and offices for customers to take advantage of. The highlights of the newly expanded area also include six conference rooms and two photo studios.

This newly expanded space also has an auditorium, panoramas and podcast studio all in one place. This makes it a unique co-working space in Australia that offers a lot more than other such hubs. As Workit Spaces grows in size and offerings it brings to the table; It has stayed true to the values ​​and principles on which it was built and celebrates diversity in every way.

These spaces are modern and also pet-friendly. That means those who use these spaces don’t have to leave their furry companions at home. While Workit is known for its physical premises, it also has virtual offices for clients who require an address in Sydney. It allows people to start an Australian business from home and register with Google Maps, ASIC and more.

State-of-the-art facilities, convenient locations and a diverse, inclusive environment make Workit Spaces a unique coworking space trusted by Sydney clients.

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Founded in 2018, the unique coworking spaces have come a long way in a short time by creating an inclusive environment, including their e-commerce solutions that stand out from the rest.


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