Regulating Crypto Products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland From Bitmex Exchange By Mid 2022

Regulating Crypto Products for Germany, Austria and Switzerland From Bitmex Exchange By Mid 2022

Bitmex is purchasing the assets of the assets of a German bank to establish a controlled, cryptocurrency engine. The company will provide products that are related to crypto for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland through a central point.

Bitmex, the cryptocurrency trading platform Bitmex announced that it has signed an acquisition contract with Bankhaus von der Heydt, an institution which is an German bank with its headquarter in Munich, Munich. It was bought and controlled by BXM Operations AG, a company that was founded in the year 2000 in 2000 by Bitmex CEO/CFO Alexander Hoptner and CFO Stephan Lutz.

Bitmex tweeted Tuesday:

A step toward establishing a regulated crypto-powered powerhouse within central Europe by the purchase agreement signed between BXM Operations of German bank Bankhaus von der Heydt.

“Bitmex Group has set out to achieve its lofty goal of creating an online store that sells all crypto-related products that are regulated in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and, consequently becoming a major player across Europe,” the announcement includes.

The exchange has just launched an online brokering service for cryptocurrency in Switzerland. “The acquisition of Bankhaus von der Heydt is the next step towards the group’s European expansion and further development of new products,” the company added.

both parties have signed an agreement to the purchase. Share financial information in connection with or related to the transaction.

The transaction is subject to approval of BaFin, the German financial service regulator. The deal is expected to to be completed by the middle of 2022. “Once it’s completed, the bank will function as a separate company,” it states in the announcement.

The Bitmex’s CFO expressed his opinions and stated: “Germany, as the largest economy in Europe, has a lot to do with law, making it the perfect location to expand Bitmex’s operations to Europe. “

The HTML0 token was announced at the beginning of March. Bitmex has officially announced the launch date of their BMEX token that is a collaboration with Tokeny. However, the token “BMEX cannot be able to be traded or withdrawn until the time Bitmex’s Spot will launch in Q2” The exchange is mentioned as announced, stated or stated.

In the month of October, the year of the CEO of the company, Bitmex said that by the close of the calendar year “we’ll be able to identify at least five countries that accept bitcoin as a legal tender, known as bitcoin. A majority of these will be developing countries. “

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