Protect Your Rights With a Title IX Lawyer

Title IX protects students against sexual assault, discrimination, and harassment by schools, colleges and universities. These institutions have an obligation to thoroughly investigate any allegations of misconduct, and take the appropriate action. Unfortunately, many institutions are falling short of this requirement. In some cases innocent students are wrongly accused and subjected disciplinary proceedings which can derail their academic careers. Contacting an attorney-advisor is the first step to protecting your rights if you are facing a Title IX inquiry.

Our National Title IX Lawyer Normal represent students accused of committing sexual misconduct by their educational establishment. We know the complexities of the legal process and will ensure your rights are protected during each phase of the case. We have extensive experience representing students in all levels of higher learning and are familiar with the federal rules governing hearings and investigations.

It is important to consult an attorney as soon as you can, but this is particularly true when dealing with a Title IX complaint. Investigators at the school will be listening to everything you say. Even innocent conversations with family or friends can be used as evidence against you. While the investigation is underway, it is best to avoid using social media or texting.

The Title IX Coordinator can issue interim actions while the investigation continues. They may include a communication ban, which prevents the respondent from contacting the complainant. In addition, the school may alter campus housing arrangements or class schedules to reduce the likelihood of encounters between the parties.

Once the investigation is over, you can request a hearing with an adjudicator. Depending on what the accusation is, you might be allowed to call a witness and present evidence in order to prove your innocence. In some cases, a judge will decide whether you are guilty or not of violating Title IX. He may also impose sanctions.

The consequences of a Title IX conviction are usually a suspension or dismissal of your program or from school, loss in academic credit or, in some cases – loss of employment. These penalties have devastating effects on a future career. They should not be taken for granted.

Tamara Hold represents students of all levels who are facing Title IX investigations or hearings. She is convinced that every college student deserves to have the opportunity to fully benefit from their institution’s educational resources. She fights tirelessly to protect the rights and privileges of students who are denied educational opportunities because of unfair, biased or inadequate Title IX processes.

Title IX protects against discrimination in education programs and activities funded by the federal government on the basis gender identity, intersex, and sexuality. Congress consciously modeled this law on Title VI of Civil Rights Act that protects against discrimination in programs or events that receive federal funds. This includes federally funded athletics and educational programs.

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