Leading Events Staffing Agency Assist Marketing prepares for increased demand from upcoming promotional events

Assist Marketing, the nation’s leading events staffing agency, is gearing up to meet the increasing demand for promotional staff at various trade shows and events across the country.

The nation is leading Personnel agency for events, Assist Marketing, has announced that the company is preparing for the upcoming onslaught of promotional events across the country. As businesses continue to open and life returns to normal after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, dozens of trade shows, exhibitions and other events are planned throughout 2022. Assist Marketing has already launched a nationwide staffing campaign to find competent and experienced staff to work with companies through promotional events and exhibitions.

Assist Marketing is a Chicago-based large event staffing agency

Assist marketing has played a major role in this Implementation of successful events for their customers. The company firmly believes that promotional events, whether local or international, offer unique opportunities for businesses and help introduce their products or services to a much wider audience. The events offer several benefits to participating brands.

  • The events help get the brand featured in the news and other media.

  • The events help increase the number of people contacting the company, which ultimately boosts sales.

  • It also allows access to new audiences and increases personal interaction with potential customers.

promotional events give businesses a presence that no other type of marketing can match. Assist Marketing recognizes that the success of a promotional event is a direct result of the talent and professionalism of its people. As a result, Assist Marketing works with clients to meet their needs, only selecting individuals who fit the brand’s image and requirements.

Assist Marketing staff have been extensively trained in planning and organizing promotional events. Your advertising staff can be recruited for brand campaigns, conventions and exhibitions, experiential marketing, hospitality and VIP events, mobile marketing tours, product launches and sports marketing.

The aim of the event staff at Assist Marketing is to present the customer’s products, services or company to the public in a professional and convincing manner. Customers don’t have to worry about managing public interactions, event resources, and other ancillary tasks that can be part of successful promotional events. Assist Marketing promises companies a well-trained and qualified team that ensures an excellent result. The company’s team does more than just distribute brochures; They build fascinating and engaging experiences for the target audience and make the promotional event as successful as possible.

The Assist Marketing team has the ability to attract and keep customers’ attention. The company works with some of the world’s best-known companies to ensure their talent is on track to produce and execute meaningful promotional events and engage with audiences.

To learn more about Assist Marketing Services for National Trade Shows and other exciting promotional events, readers can visit https://www.assistmarketing.com/.

“We have started preparing for over two dozen major events planned for the second and third half of 2022. As always, we assemble the best team money can buy and our customers can count on the same quality they have come to expect from us over the years.” Said a representative from Assist Marketing.

About Assist Marketing

support marketing is a Chicago-based large events staffing agency focused on clients and their needs. The company has managed to build a sizable footprint over the years by focusing on helping customers get what they need with real-time communications rather than solely relying on the use of technology. Additionally, the company has a track record of employing the most talented and brilliant minds in the industry, enabling it to deliver insights to clients that would otherwise not be possible. That is why they have become the city’s marketing agency.



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