IBC Cap Mixer Are Able To Be Used In Nearly Any Setting

An IBC cap mixer is an excellent choice to mix liquids in an IBC tote, or are looking to re-homogenize dried components.

How to Assemble IBC Cap Mixer because There are a variety of different kinds of IBC cap mixers with gas and air powered models. These IBC tote mixing devices can be attached to a variety totes and are available in different sizes. When selecting an IBC tote mixing device, you’ll have to think about the dimensions of the IBC, the container’s shape and size, as well as its viscosity.

IBC cap mixers can be used to match the standard 150mm screws used in the industry cap. They also come with an cyclonic design for the fill head, ensuring maximum dust containment. They are equipped with a Low Level Kicker, that ensures proper mixing even at low levels in the IBC. They are constructed of stainless steel 316 and are sealed for the life of the product. They are suitable for liquids that have greater than 4,000cP viscosity. They are available with single or dual fixed impellers. The dual impeller is usually used for top-to-bottom turnover.

An IBC cap mixer can be connected to an IBC tote through its lid, or be added with a muffler or a hoist lifting bolt. The mixer is powered by an air or gas motor and can be equipped with an ATEX safety switch and a 5M lead. It is recommended to choose an air-powered mixer if your facility is located within an ATEX zone.

To ensure smooth and precise product discharge The patented cone valve is integrated in the stainless steel IBC container. This valve prevents rat-holing, poor flow , and other issues. It also has the potential to contain powder dust. To ensure that the IBC is situated below the fill head the floor locator is added.

Pulsair Systems IBC mixers are some of the most reliable and sanitary IBC mixers on the marketplace. It’s durable, lightweight and is suitable for mixing chemicals and liquids in regular IBC totes. It’s an ideal solution for re-homogenizing liquids in foam insulated totes or plastic lined totes. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also compatible with nitrogen gas and compressed air. gas. The company’s IBC tote stirrer is designed to mix a broad variety of liquid food items. The 10-55 Tote Stick model is lightweight and durable, as well as easy to clean. It can mix a wide variety of liquids including liquid food, liquid chemicals and high-viscosity liquids. It is ideal for large totes such as 275 gallon HDPE containers.

Mix(tm IBC tote mixers can be a cost-effective and versatile option. They can be used at 220 RPM or 60 PSI. They can be utilized on poly IBC totes or on plastic lined IBC boxes. Its lightweight, durable construction, flexibility and portability make it a great addition to any laboratory. It can also be combined with other totes, making it perfect for industrial applications.

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