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An online business model that guarantees financial independence with plenty of time to build relationships and serve the community is pleased to announce that they are taking advantage of the digital real estate boom that is allowing many faith-based entrepreneurs to spend time with themselves, their families and the community. Many pastors, preachers, missionaries, ministers, lay people, ministers and non-profit founders are already involved in the online digital real estate business. They are looking for more time to serve and bless their communities, churches and families. The Digital Storefront Blessed to be a Blessing training is an ongoing program where all participants in the training program are encouraged to find government departments and non-profit organizations that need help and blessings through online digital marketing skills.

Once identified, students help government departments and non-profit organizations with website creation, SEO, GBP and social media optimization, online marketing consultancy, event marketing, 360 imagery and more. The students providing these services are already digital store owners and have participated in Cory Long’s training programs. With some free time, they can now serve the community without worrying about a paycheck. Anyone with the Digital Storefronts training can now create their own digital property, which is more than just a website with information about the products and services.

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With this digital storefronts Training program developed by Kory LangEntrepreneurs can develop a clever online business model that gives them complete independence in terms of time and money. They will also learn to rent their storefronts from $500 to $1500 per month. That Reviews for digital storefronts provided by other entrepreneurs speak volumes about the success they have experienced as a result of the program. The DSF program is an easier and faster way to success. The Digital Storefronts coaching and mentoring program allows students to get an extensive list of great niches to start their digital real estate empire.

Students will also gain the skills to create branded websites, review and rent websites, learn strategies to improve their search engine rankings through SEO, use Facebook advertising effectively, get more attention from potential customers and last but not least, that Put to learn increasing equity, per lead and package deals. The best thing about Cory Long’s programs is that they are updated regularly. Participants learn the latest techniques and strategies that are up to date, unlike other programs that have outdated training that doesn’t keep up with the constant Google updates. At the end of the DSF program, students will be able to discover the low-hanging niches to dominate, create a professional digital storefront in just a few hours, learn how to rank the business in the perfect market, attract high-paying tenants, and so much more.

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About digital shop windows is a platform to learn how to build a profitable and ethical online business. The training also provides strategies that enable business owners to rent out their digital storefronts and continuously generate passive income. All training programs are developed and delivered by Cory Long, an internet entrepreneur, businessman and minister with over 7 years experience in digital marketing. Having worked with small family businesses to large corporations, Cory is now a full-time online entrepreneur, traveling and serving in churches, camps and non-profit organizations across the United States.



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