Chicago Fireworks is partnering with Dynamite Fireworks for the 2022 fireworks season

Offers customers the best quality options at unbeatable deals

Chicago Fireworks has teamed up with another reputable name, Dynamite Fireworks, for the 2022 fireworks season to ensure customers get their hands on a wide selection of the highest quality products at affordable prices.

The company was incorporated in November 2019 as the #1 Fireworks Store in Chicago. It has consistently worked towards this goal by offering its customers a wide range of products from the best brands in the sector. Your rave customer reviews are a testament to quality products and impeccable service.

In a short time, it became known for having the best fireworks deals anywhere near Chicago. It’s just across the Illinois-Indiana state line off Highway 41 at exit 20. This year, however, the store had a hitch with a zoning issue. But that wouldn’t stop the store from honoring its commitment to offering only the finest quality fireworks to its customers. Therefore, rather than shut down, it has decided to team up with another reliable name in the industry – Dynamite Fireworks Store.

Chicago Fireworks Store

Now the quality products the store is known for can be found just around the corner at Dynamite fireworks shop. customers who are visiting Chicago fireworks finds one of the team members who directs them to the new location. But that’s not all; The store rewards its customers for their patience and loyalty. It offers the fireworks prices on all products if they can find them cheaper anywhere in the state of IL, securing the lowest possible prices on their purchases.

It is interesting to note that Dynamite Fireworks is a family business known for its culture and strong community roots. It is steeped in history and has more than 50 years of experience in delivering superior and reliable customer experiences. In addition to top quality, customers can expect the highest safety standards while also being able to count on the lowest prices for their purchases, which is an added benefit.

Highlights of the services customers receive include videos of all the major fireworks for sale along with DEMOs, wholesale and retail firework prices, numerous offers and discount coupons resulting in savings of 50-80% and year-round opening hours for bank holidays and festivals, birthdays and all other special occasions. And now that Chicago Fireworks has teamed up with Dynamite Fireworks, the 2022 fireworks season is going to be bigger and better for customers.

About Chicago Fireworks

Since its inception in 2019, the store has grown from the best brands in the industry to exciting deals to be the closest fireworks shop to Chicago and the one stop shop for customers thanks to its quality fireworks products.


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